History of the company

Weidmüller Lanškroun was founded in 1994 as a tool shop with the production of precision spare parts, tools and moulds under the business name Rawela s.r.o., in 1999 the company became a 100% subsidiary of Weidmüller Holding Co&KGaA.

The moulding of plastic parts started in 2005 with a total of 11 Demag injection moulding machines and by 2008 production had almost doubled to 28 Demag and KraussMaffei machines. A new 1,860 m² production hall was built in Lanškroun in 2008 for the plastic moulding plant. The expansion of injection moulding machines continued further to 35 machines and the existing brands were also supplemented by Engel and Ferromatik.

The pressing of metal parts was further developed with the use of process and bending technology. In December 2008, the first Bruderer high-speed press was put into operation. At the end of 2009, mass production of pressed metal parts started.

In February 2017, the construction of a new 3,400 m² production hall adjacent to the plastic moulding hall began. In the autumn of 2017, the tool room and the metal press shop were relocated to new premises. This brought all the operations together at one address, Dobrovského 1115, Lanškroun, and opened another new phase of development for Weidmüller Lanškroun.

Weidmüller Lanškroun has become the exclusive manufacturer of the Z and W product lines and therefore a robotic assembly centre has been built in the new hall. The first collaborative robot (cobot) was put into operation in 2019, and the number of these machines was increased to 3 in the following years. In 2020, production was transferred from the Polish branch of Weidmüller to the Czech Republic, and the creation of a manual assembly centre was linked to this.


Today Weidmüller Lanškroun has the following goals

To be a cost-effective supplier of precision spare parts and complete tools and moulds within the Weidmüller Holding Co&KGaA group.

To produce individual plastic parts to supply cooperating companies for assembly of final products in the Weidmüller Holding Co&KGaA production network.

To manufacture metal parts for supplying the cooperative companies in the Weidmüller Holding Co&KGaA production network.

To participate in industrial automation by mastering the production of low-cost automation equipment for the production network of Weidmüller Holding Co&KGaA..

Weidüller Lanškroun s.r.o. is a reliable supplier of components for the final products of Weidmüller Holding Co&KGaA. An overview of the products, their applications and information on how to purchase these products in the Czech Republic can be found on the website of Weidmüller Praha CZ, www.weidmueller.cz